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Advantages of Hiring a Safety Staffing Company

Any workplace must be safe for employees. To ensure that companies are taking measures in this respect, the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) stipulates that there must be at least one person in charge with monitoring safety in each workplace. 

Their role is complex. A safety specialist must:

  • Identify risks associated with the specific workplace
  • Create a set of safety measures
  • Train all staff and display the safety measures prominently at the workplace
  • Take necessary actions required by the law in case of accidents
  • Update the safety procedures as per the changes in the OSHA.

How Do You Find Experienced Safety Specialists?

Looking at the job requirements above, you realize that you cannot risk hiring an inexperienced person, or someone who lacks proper certification. In theory, you can write a clear and concise job ad, post in online and start the selection process.

In practice, you are not sure what makes a good safety specialist. Some professionals are very good in a specific industry or field of activity, but would not perform well in your organizations. Others are simply not a good fit for the job, even though they managed to obtain the certification.

The Solution: Hire a Safety Staffing Company

The simplest and most effective solution for you is to outsource safety to a specialized temp hiring agency. These agencies have a very precise screening process for their employees. They know the latest changes to the safety and health rules, they have a list of best practices for successful employees and they pick only the best.

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As for your company, relying on the experience of a safety staffing agency has multiple benefits:

  1. You Save Money

There are many hidden costs to hiring an employee. You need to offer them various benefits, such as health insurance or pension plan, if you want to attract top talent.

When you hire a safety staffing agency, you pay a fixed monthly fee and nothing else.

  1. You Fill In a Vacancy Quickly

You cannot afford to lose time looking for the right candidate for the job. Your company must have a safety specialist at all times. Once you signed the contract with a safety staffing agency, they will send an employee to your workplace on the agreed date.

  1. You Access Special Skills for Short Term Projects

In some cases, you may need a very skilled safety specialist to investigate an accident or provide feedback on proposed changes to the workplace equipment and processes. Such a specialist would not agree to work for you for a very short time.

But a safety staffing agency can quickly supplement the existing staff at your premises with the specialist you require for this short term activity.

  1. You Have a Clear Safety Procedure in Place

A safety staffing company will offer you assistance in creating rules and procedures that meet legal requirements. You will not have to wonder whether you are complying with the law or may risk a hefty penalty.

  1. Find the Best Fit for Your Business

When an employee is not a good fit, you have to follow a set of procedures to let them go. This costs time and money. When the specialist sent by the staffing agency does not perform to your satisfaction, they will be quickly replaced with a new one.