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What Services Do Executive Placement Firms Offer?

Outsourcing the process of recruiting high-profile employees, such as CEO’s, CFO’s or experienced and highly trained candidates for other key positions, has long been the best recruitment practice in all industries. If you are ready to hire a new director or manager for your organization, here are the services that executive placement companies offer.

Initial Consultation to Identify Requirements and Opportunities

The collaboration between executive recruiters and their clients usually starts with an initial discussion of the client’s needs and requirements regarding the ideal candidate for their position. The clients will tell the recruiter about what they need, about the qualifications and the experience they require and they will also tell the recruiter about what they offer to the successful candidate. During this initial consultation, the recruiter will also outline the differences between recruiting for executive positions and recruiting for other positions, such as the fact that most top level positions are not listed on average job sites and that most top-level job seekers do not spend too long on the job market before they find their new job. The specialist will also review the job description provided by the client and might make recommendations regarding its content, such as ideas about how to finely-tune the text or how to make it more attractive.

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Search Services through Multiple Channels

One of the most important services provided by executive recruiters is the identification of candidates that fit the employer’s description. The process will involve searching for candidates among active job seekers as well as among executives who are currently employed, but are open for new opportunities. In the search phase, most executive placement firms use multiple resources, including their own personal network in the industry for which they are recruiting, their own data bases as well as online job boards and employment-oriented networking sites.

Candidate Screening and Background Checks

Recruiters will also approach the candidates that seem suitable for the client and will request updated resumes from them. In the next phase, your recruiter will perform a detailed evaluation of the resumes received and will perform background checks to verify the accuracy of the information included in the resumes. They will check any references and recommendations as well.

Conducting Interviews and Preliminary Testing

The recruiter will also conduct preliminary interviews with suitable candidates, then they will evaluate the candidates based on their own experience as well as based on the client’s requirements and they will recommend candidates for the last round of interviews performed by the client’s important decision makers. Many recruiters use multiple interviewing methods, including meeting, IQ and EQ tests, personality tests and tests that assess important and relevant personality traits, such as problem-solving.

Assistance and Expert Opinions for the Final Decision Making

Most recruitment specialists also participate in the interviews between the client and the candidates and will facilitate the final decision by offering expert opinions and advice. Recruiters also help with the evaluations of the candidates who have been interviewed by highlighting their strengths and weaknesses and by making recommendations.