Sales Training: How To Use Social Media To Improve Your Sales

If you are looking to improve your sales by using social media, there are several methods, confirmed by sales training specialists like The Growth Coach – Greg Bennett , that you can choose from. They depend on the social networks that you use, but typically, it doesn’t matter if your clients are on Facebook, Instagram or LinkedIn, because there are sales tips specific to each of them. For example, on Instagram, you can post as many promo messages as you want, as long as they are original; on the other hand, on Facebook, you should avoid exaggerating with the “buy product” posts.

Here are the most important things to consider.

• The relation with your potential clients
The internet makes it easier than ever for people – including your target audience – to select the information they want to interact with. This can be good and bad at the same time because, often, a too large number of “buy product” posts will determine people to stop interacting with you and your business page. This is a clear sign that your business approach is aggressive and should be changed if you want to keep people interested.
The best method? Pay attention to current trends and use funny pictures (meme), videos, interesting articles and provide a permanent link to the selling page where you want to attract the customers.

• The tools and the trends
Every year – and, in some of the cases, even more often! – social networks change something, add another tool that may be truly useful in attracting people to your business page. Let’s just think about hashtags that have caught the public so well, or the options to make live transmissions that people enjoy so much.

Many of these tools introduced by social networks have generated trends. Try to use them and maximize their potential. For example, hashtags can turn into a great tool to gain more visibility, while with a live show, you can present how you create a product or simply show some interesting things inside your company.

• Solving problems
Social networks offer some great opportunities for your business:
– creating quickly and efficiently a customer relation department
– search the market’s trends and demands
– listening to and participating in people’s conversations about your products/ services (and your competitors’!) which provide valuable insights.

No matter what you sell, you must pay attention to the way that people interact with your business, as well as to the general direction of the market. Do you have a delivery department, or collaborate with a delivery company and many people complain that they do not get their parcels during the weekends? Change the schedule, so that those people who use the services of your company can get their parcels during the weekends. All these apparently little details that you can get from social networking can help you be one step ahead of your competitors – which should be one of your main goals.

If you are not sure about making the most of your online strategy, you can consider taking some sales training courses and improve your knowledge and skills.