Expert Financial Counseling

Expert Financial Counseling – Denver Specialists and the Problems You Can Turn to Them With

Financial counseling is a special type of financial consultancy offered to companies and individuals faced with challenges such as an aggravating debt situation, bankruptcy or income-related problems. The experts in financial counseling Denver gives home to are qualified to provide effective advice, support as well as practical help with all the above issues and many more – here are a few situations that call for such professional assistance.


Increasing Credit Card Debt

Credit cards are great and very useful facilities, but only if used carefully. One of the most common financial problems individuals are facing today is credit card debt that keeps accumulating and can easily get out of control. Financial counselors can analyze their client’s financial situation, providing a realistic assessment of weak points and coming up with a plan to consolidate the client’s debt situation. The plan might use a number of approaches and methods such as rolling all the accrued debt into a credit that comes with more favorable repayment conditions, identifying expenses that can be cut, negotiating with creditors on the client’s behalf to obtain better repayment conditions and many others.



Bankruptcy is the legal proceeding that many individuals and companies resort to when they become unable to repay the outstanding debt they have accumulated over time. In many cases, the procedure starts with the debtor filing the bankruptcy petition against themselves, a phase followed by the inspection and evaluation of the debtor’s assets and the development of a repayment plan using those assets.

Bankruptcy can be filed under various chapters of the Bankruptcy Code – Chapter 7 is for individuals and companies that cannot repay their unsecured debts using their assets, Chapter 11 is for companies looking for a way to become profitable again by reorganizing their finances, while Chapter 13 is for individuals who do not qualify for Chapter 7 and are in need of a repayment plan. Each type of bankruptcy proceeding has its own set of formal and procedural requirements and in many cases, it is not easy to decide which type to choose, so bankruptcy is definitely one of the areas that call for the kind of professional assistance offered by financial counseling experts.


Mortgage Counseling

Taking out a mortgage either in order to settle existing debt or to use the loan for investment purposes might be a great solution for many, but only if the mortgage comes with the right conditions. Financial counselors offer services that involve the assessment of the value of the client’s assets and the selection of the type of mortgage loan that not only provides a temporary solution for the client’s financial problem, but is also manageable for the entire loan term.

These are just a few of the financial services offered by counselors. Whatever financial issue you are faced with, the experts in financial counseling Denver gives home to will evaluate your situation realistically and will figure out the best solution for you – regardless how serious your problem may seem, there surely is a way out of it and these professionals will find it for you.